Roadmetals mining the big rocks with Loadrite X 2350 and INsightHQ data reporting

Posted by Loadrite

Few companies involved in the production of sand and aggregates can boast the level of professionalism and productivity we at Road Metals achieve as part and parcel of our operation.

And few companies can boast our depth of experience in the industry, experience that has shaped Road Metals into one of the premier producers of aggregates in New Zealand.

We have produced sand and aggregates for all five of the major hydropower schemes in the South Island. At the height of the dam building era in the 1980’s, we were the single largest processor of gravel in New Zealand.

For over six decades, Road Metals has been engaged in the supply and delivery of crushed and screened aggregates. In that time we have become synonymous with quality, performance and integrity.

LOADRITE were commissioned to install 2 Loadrite X 2350 excavator weighing scales and Trimble INsightHQ cloud based data reporting systems for the Kaikoura Earthquake recovery project. Ongoing rock sea wall protection work is keeping Roadmetals Kaikoura busy.  Working in rivers at both ends of the State Highway One effected coastal road section means hauling rock quite a distance. The rock size requirements are very stringent, size and weight is critical to the engineered effective sea wall structure.

Working for NCTIR, rock size, weight, truck ID, NCTIR job numbers etc are all captured for every truck load and reported back in the local Kaikoura office.

Loadrite accuracy and reliability is designed into the product and installation, heavy Armour protection is required to protect weighing angle sensors from the harsh rock handling environment.

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