Loadrite legal for trade scale (certified)


Trade legal scales – certified LOADRITE™ scales allowing you to legally in New Zealand invoice customers directly by  product weight in kg or tonnes.

LOADRITE have a range of weighing scale options that can be supplied or field upgraded to become certified Legal For Trade (LFT). The weighing systems are registered with the MBIE government departments and require third party testing and certification by accredited person registered with MBIE.

LOADRITE are New Zealand leaders in LFT scales for wheel loaders, forklifts, reach-stackers and container Combilifts.

Having a LOADRITE LFT system installed allows your business operation to to comply to New Zealand Trading Standards, this removes your requirement to weigh the truck payload over a static weighbridge.

Benefits with LOADRITE LFT on-board scales are:

  • SPEED – faster load-out cycle – no trucks queuing for the weighbridge
  • LOWER COST of compliance – LOADRITE LFT systems are a fraction of the cost of static weighbridges
  • FLEXIBILITY – in and out gates are not constrained to where the weighbridge is located
  • SCALEABILITY – add more LFT scales as your business grows, move LFT loaders to busy sites
  • SPACE – no need for large aeas of land dedicated to weighbridge, use what you have smarter

To upgrade to LOADRITE LFT capability now,  call LOADRITE on 088 493 444 or email us at info@loadritescales.co.nz

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  • Maintain scale accuracy
  • Adhere to in house quality systems
  • External calibration and service – transparent
  • Maintain High Ethical Standards
  • Ensure results are maintained
  • Calibration and service agreements
  • Reoccurring calibration agreements
  • Detailed calibration reports
  • On site test weights verified
  • Operator training and certification