Is this the oldest hydraulic excavator in New Zealand? 1971 Broyt X2

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For a period of time, technically superior other excavators of the same size class were technical , and the name “Brøyt” became synonymous with “excavator”  in Norway , even though the machine was of a different brand. The first models, starting with the X2, had two steel and two rubber wheels without operation, but advanced with a drawer over stones and other obstacles. Wheels without propulsion reduced the price, but were a disadvantage when the machine moved. One could mount a plate under the machine to improve the flowability of soft marsh. Broken wheel machines can be transported along country roads on two wheels hanging one by one with drawer placed in the loading platform . Later came models with belt drive , which could run for their own machine. The quarry was excellent for new cultivation and for many, especially at Jæren, Brøyten became the actual symbol of new cultivation.

Brøyt experienced a successful time when they were market leaders in Scandinavia and where 40% of production went for export. In 1963, Kaldnes Mekaniske Verksted  was granted a production license for Brøyt X2 and produced a total of 640 excavators.

Later the company got financial problems. It was partly because the competitors had larger production and therefore lower costs than Brødrene Søyland. In addition, sales declined as the state in the late 1970s abolished the scheme of new cultivation subsidies. In 1981 , the company was refinanced and the Swedish excavator manufacturer Akermans came in as an important owner. During the same period, the production was converted into special machines.  The machines were sold for some time under the name BRØYT-Åkermans . In the 1980s , the excavator production at Bryne was closed.

Åkermans was acquired by the VME Group in 1991, which became Volvo Construction Equipment in 1995. In 1999 , Sandvik acquired Tamrock Brøyt, which was then a leading producer of diggers for the mining industry, and moved production to Tampere in Finland. This was the final end to Brøyt’s business in Norway.  Sanvik mining Corportation stopped the production of Brøyt diggers in 2008 due to low production volume combined with engineering needs to maintain and further develop the concept.  BRØYT is now a trademark owned by Sandvik Mining and Construction. 

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