Maintaining your Loadrite X-2350 excavator scale

Posted by Loadrite

Loadrite calibrations, maintain your investment and your profitability

Loadrite scales all require regular maintenance and calibration, while extremely reliable over time the dynamic scale foundation is hydraulic pressure, this pressure will change over time from the initial calibration depending on the age of the machine and the condition of pumps, valves and seals.

When annual calibrations are performed the Loadrite technician performs a checklist of physical machine and sensor checks, all field technicians carry portable reference scales so an on site test weight can be used and left available for future site reference checks.

With excavators multiple attachments call all be calibrated individually, digging and bulking buckets and rock grabs. Each implement is named individually and selected from the implement list when the operator changes attachments. Thus a dedicated calibration exists for each implement, this guarantees the best possible accuracy.

Loadrite test and calibrate all excavators on a proactive 12 monthly cycle as standard

The Loadrite solution

Loadrite X-2350 excavator scales give you the accuracy and reliability to confidently load trucks with aggregate or armor protection rock, know where to place heavy rocks and distribute your load correctly to achieve the desired axle load when loading disproportionate size rocks.

Loadrite X-2340 will give you a inventory printout and cloud based INsightHQ report for every rock loaded on each truck as well as the sum total weight. Grade your rocks by weight and size so customer requests are easily fulfilled by knowing which stockpile to load from.


Call us anytime to discuss your business objectives around rock loadout and inventory management, we have the technology to help you move to the next step in speed and accuracy.

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