Loadrite supporting the Nelson fires

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 All go at Civil Defence Headquarters

Bec’s and Charlie made up some special Loadrite packs to help the front line fire fighters working on the Nelson wild fires. They made up packs full of local goods and treats that would hopefully taste better than the smoke and dusts they fire crews are continually working in.

The CD Headquarters at Saxton fields was overflowing, once there it was apparent how the community was supporting the efforts of firefighters and also that of the evacuated residents.


2019-02-11_8-09-02 2019-02-11_8-05-37

Inside the Saxton pavilion, bread rolls for Africa!!

2019-02-11_8-09-26 2019-02-11_8-09-57  2019-02-11_8-08-37 2019-02-11_8-07-59

The Loadrite NZ offices look out over the Western Nelson hills where the fire is still burning 1 week after that started, it is hard not to be worried as the forces of nature are difficult to harness, let alone stop, even with 22 helicopters!


So we will keep on working and doing what we can in the meantime to assist while these events continue.

For more information, please call LOADRITE  on 0800493444 and speak to one of the team.


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