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FH Shotover

One of Loadrite New Zealand national accounts, Fulton Hogan,  have just purchased a new loader for their Shotover River Quarry operation in Queenstown.

The Volvo L150G came specified with a LOADRITE L2180 on board weighing system with the full Legal For Trade certified option as there is no on site weighbridge.

Historically all load information was hand written into the docket book and the carbon copies sent back to the Cromwell Parkburn  Quarry office for processing into their back end invoicing package.

Fulton Hogan took the opportunity of getting the new loader to also implement remote data transfer to the Parkburn Quarry office 65km away. In the loader the LOADRITE Communication Controller (LCC) was installed which form the cellular link from the loader to the LOADRITE  LAT Cloud server where data is stored and then downloaded to the LOADRITE Material Management System (MMS) software loaded on the PC in the Parkburn office.

Now Bronwyn in the loader at the Shotover simply selects the product, customer name and order number  for the current load, loads the truck and upon finishing the load all this information along with time and date and a unique docket # is sent over to Parkburn where Sherril periodically runs the reports by Customer and Product to get the details and total tonnage of each product sold to each customer. This information is then prepared ready for invoicing.

It’s going to reduce the manual data entry workload in the office by 90% which has Sherril quite excited.

The project also involved upgrading the older L90D loader which already had the LOADRITE L2180 installed, LOADRITE technician Jamie field upgraded the system to become Legal For Trade and added the LCC cellular modem, so now both loaders are electronically sending data for all material loads. The quarry is a busy site as a lot of the material comes in from Centrals main Parkburn quarry.

LOADRITE NZ arrange the annual certification of both loaders so ongoing compliance taken care of.





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