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CALIBRATIONS – All scales, All industries

Every scale Loadrite install is tested and calibrated at the time of installation, however over time the calibration accuracy can change as the nature of portable machine wear and tear can influence the scale accuracy over time. Loadrite NZ offer a range of calibration and maintenance services, typically this is performed annually, however some customers or industries require this more frequently such as quarterly or biannual.

All Loadrite field technicians carry suitable calibrated reference scales to establish test weights in the field, we use a range of methods from crane scales, to water meters to weighbridges, however for all formal Trade Approved scales certified test weights must be used.

Loadrite field staff are calibrating systems all over the country, every month more than 100 scales are tested and certificates issued


A standard calibration is a certificate of calibration , this is performed by Loadrite NZ staff and is a non legal certificate. The scale is a NON Trade Approved scale which still requires regular calibration to ensure the scale remains accurate.

A Trade Approved scale required a Certificate Of Accuracy and must be performed by an Accredited Person, registered with NZ Trading Standards and authorised to perform Class Y(b) certifications. These test must be completed and test up to the maximum approved lift capacity of the machin


Critical to all businesses is weighing accuracy and weighing repeatability, Loadrite pride themselves in both aspects. It is important that our customers measure and load goods in a accurate and transparent way. To ensure long term compliance with maximum truck axle loading limits and fair and accurate product invoicing with Trade Approved scales, regular testing and adjustment is required.

Do not hesitate to call and book in your scale for calibration with us.

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