Kaikoura Earthquake Repairs

Posted by Loadrite

20160513_135541   Edridge Crushing

With the Kaikoura earthquake recovery in full swing now, there are a lot of busy people out there.The slip clearing work is moving toward more road repair and rebuilding.

LOADRITE NZ have been actively involved at both the Southern and Northern end of the project in supporting the many contractors there with their screening and crushing operations. Accurate and timely information flows back to the head offices for all the daily material production being used.

With TRIMBLE INsightHQ cloud based data reporting software, project managers and site managers have daily information at their fingertips, what used to be paper based is now digital, flowing to most businesses associated with the State Highway One aggregate supply, back at their head office being used within the accounts and administration teams for accurate and timely reporting.

The TRIMBLE and LOADRITE technology is installed on in excess of 25 machines on the riverbeds of Kaikoura at the moment, some working 24 hours per day!


There is not many work sites in NZ where the plant operators are ferried to work in helicopters, an amazing site to see this temporary airfield and construction equipment all together, fantastic when spare parts arrive for crushers on a dusty riverbed by chopper!

These men and woman working on this project deserve our huge thanks, the project is so much larger and harder than you think, bring on the longer and warmer days.

Thank you all………


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