Gantry Skip Waste Trucks using Loadrite Nationwide

Posted by Loadrite

Increasing waste disposal costs see increase in LOADRITE onboard weighing

LOADRITE payload management systems are being installed to more and more waste collections trucks, with the increase costs for disposal comes the increased requirement for accuracy and transparency. LOADRITE onboard weighing system are providing business with the transparency of weights in real time, when the bin is lifted the weights are recorded and dockets printed , thus allowing faster visibility of actual loads rather than the slow feedback loop of heading to a weighbridge to determine weights.

5R Solutions, a national glass recycling business with gantry truck collections throughout the country, a long time LOADRITE customer with their brand new Hino recently installed in Christchurch

Storm Contracting with their regional ship collections truck

Waste Management with their regional collections gantry skip trucks

Talleys giant gantry skip truck, capable of lifting 14 tonne skip bins



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