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 PORTABLES – Crushing & Screening

With portable screening and crushing operations all over New Zealand, Fulton hogan process material for their own internal use as well as external contract requirements. With a wide range in machinery makes and models, the one consistent approach is the LOADRITE L2180 in the wheel loaders. Production measurement via weight and product management allow daily and weekly along with project totals to be recorded and managed. The LOADRITE L2180 stores the Product list and the site names , operators quickly flick between different product running totals as they remove product from under the product belts and transfer it to stockpiles. The LOADRITE L2180 can also manage truck loadout from stockpiles while production is being added, thus a transparent total of maternal added as well as material carted away can be achieved and a net stockpile value calculated.


The people on the ground running the Portables operation are a hard working and dusty crew, Fulton Hogan staff are always welcoming to our technicians at LOADRITE, we enjoy some good banter and also learning more about the production process and processing machines.


LOADRITE have a range of weighing solutions for portable Screening and Crushing, the core product is the LOADRITE L2180 with printer and more often remote data transfer to office reporting Trimble INsightHQ. Call us today for more information or a data and reporting trial.

For more information, please call LOADRITE  on 0800493444 and speak to one of the team.