Posted by Rebecca Mickell

EnvirowasteOriginally established in 1995, EnviroWaste has grown over the last 20 plus years to become one of New Zealand’s pre-eminent waste management businesses. EnviroWaste delivers solutions to address the waste and recycling needs of New Zealand’s communities and businesses. Through an integrated national network of branches, joint ventures and subsidiary companies, EnviroWaste has the capability to manage the progression of waste through each phase of the waste stream. With over 850 employees nationally, the company leads environmentally responsible practice in the field of waste management.

Loadrite has supplied scale systems to EnviroWaste for over a decade, predominantly to their fleet of FEL (Front End Loading) trucks, but also to their rear and side loaders, forklifts and wheel loaders. With well over 60 units installed, the Loadrite/EnviroWaste relationship is a strong one. According to Fran de Sanary, National Transport Manager for EnviroWaste, ‘the EnviroWaste/Loadrite partnership works well and is the result of both parties realising that facing the normal challenges of business together, is the best way to work through any issues. Loadrite’s nationwide team of field technicians ensures that issues are generally resolved quickly before they can escalate. The post-sale follow up activity is vitally important to EnviroWaste and Loadrite does this well’’.