Civil Construction Queenstown gear up with Loadrite

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Loadrite L2180 Trade Approved with INsightHQ remote data reporting

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The Loadrite solution

Civil Construction and Rock Products NZ quarry just purchased a new Liebherr 580 loader which we install a Loadrite L2180 trade approved scale with LP950 docket printer and cellular data transfer modem. This is the second trade approved loader scales on site and both machines send and receive data from the main Queenstown office. With Trimble insightHQ cloud based data reporting software all customers, carriers and product details are managed from the office and uploaded to both loaders as required, in the field at the quarry the operator selects the relevant Product and customer and keys in any reference or PO #, every load is sent back to the office automatically where daily reporting and invoicing can be performed form the easy to edit reports configured in the INsightHQ access screen.


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