10,000 LOADRITE L2180 loader scales installed!

Posted by Steve Alloway

Trimble recently reached a significant milestone with the installation of its 10,000th LOADRITE L2180 loader scale. Since its release in 2009, the L2180 has become the world’s most popular on-board weighing system.

The landmark LOADRITE L2180

In spring 2016, German construction and recycling enterprise, Gollan Recycling GmbH, received Trimble’s 10,000th LOADRITE L2180 loader scale. Installed by local LOADRITE dealer SITECH Germany, the landmark unit     is confirmation of the product’s performance, reliability and alignment to customer workflows. The 10,000th device is installed in a Caterpillar 962 wheel loader, primarily used for loading materials like scrap metal or plastics that are to be recycled. In total, Gollan’s fleet includes 30 wheel loaders, and ten excavators that are equipped with the LOADRITE weighing system.

“The 10,000th LOADRITE L2180 is another milestone that recognizes LOADRITE loader scales are the industry standard,” explained Kevin Lai, On-board Weighing Segment Manager. “Top mining and aggregate producers, construction and recycling companies around the world use LOADRITE products because their operation depends on accuracy and reliability. The success of the LOADRITE L2180 is built on tested and proven LOADRITE weighing technology and a superior dealer support network.”

“We use LOADRITE loader scales in our wheel loader, and excavators, and they help to streamline our daily operations. With the loader scales, we can precisely keep track of the material masses we are handling. This is especially important when we are dealing with valuable recycling materials like scrap metal”, said Markus Steeger, Head of Marketing from Gollan Recycling GmbH. “Supported through a long-standing relation with the German SITECH team, the LOADRITE solutions have helped us deliver better, more accurate and reliable work to our customers.”

The LOADRITE L2180 is the most advanced wheel loader scale in a range of high-performance onboard weighing products available from Trimble for loaders, excavators, conveyors and haul trucks. With a simple but intuitive interface and a range of powerful features including connectivity to web-based reporting, the L2180 is easy to use and enables the operator to load quickly and precisely. Regardless of the time of day, temperature, operator or machine, the advanced L2180 delivers accurate and reliable results and monitoring. It uses rotary position sensors to continuously monitor boom position over the entire lift. This multi-point weighing ensures accurate results even in rough conditions.

“This symbolic achievement confirms Trimble’s leadership in the field of on-board weighing, since acquisition of the LOADRITE product portfolio” noted Johan Smet, General Manager of Trimble Weighing, “The original company was founded in 1978 on the principle of providing end-user focused systems, fitting intuitively into a specific industry’s work processes, and offering world-class reliability and service. We wanted to enable the user to focus on the job rather than on the technology. Being true to our core principles is what has helped us and our distributors achieve this milestone.”

LOADRITE L-Series loader scales

Designed to provide more accurate payload measurement for front wheel loaders, the LOADRITE L-Series proves itself as the industry leader by enabling more efficient worksite processes, tailored to the industry’s needs. The L2180 is the most advanced as well as the most popular model.  It has an extensive loading productivity improvement features and data monitoring capability to track efficiency and productivity. For applications where the primary focus is weight monitoring, the user-friendly L2150 is an alternative choice.

LOADRITE’s precise weighing system was the first loader scale in the world to achieve the Legal for Trade (LFT) status, measuring payloads with less than 1 percent margin of error. This accuracy allows users to directly invoice customers without the reliance on truck scales or weigh bridges, saving time and efforts.