LOADRITE™ weighing systems are a precision weighing instrument and as such require regular service and calibration testing to ensure the customer maintains the system accuracy achieved when the system was initial installed. Hydraulic weighing systems measure lifting pressure in the main lifting mechanism, increased friction in the mechanical lifting mechanism, be it pins, rollers or slides will be seen as increased weight by the LOADRITE product as it cannot determine increased friction from increase payload as what is seen is increased pressure to lift the load. With this in mind , all loading machines, be it loaders, excavators, forklifts or waste loaders do wear over time, while the natural wear is normal the weighing system must be regularly calibrated to the new worn state, this is required at minimum every 2 months.

Loadrite New Zealand have a nation wide service team who will come to your site and service and test your LOADRITE weighing scales, all performance results are recorded and presented back to the customer, changes are made where required and documented accordingly, this completes one of your quality system requirements which is ensuring your measuring equipment is regularly tested and audited.

To book a calibration visit now,  call LOADRITE on 088 493 444 or email us at info@loadritescales.co.nz