TS-1100 Tractor scales hitting the spot with NZ farmers

Posted by Loadrite

Farmers are continuing to invest in technology that improves their bottom line and ensures they are feeding livestock exactly what is needed. With the tightening regulation around Palm Kernal levels, farmers need accurate and simple methods to ensure their compliance with the new feed limits.

2018-11-14_15-26-55  2018-11-14_15-25-47

The LOADRITE TS-1100 is a simple to operate scale that can store up to 9 separate implement calibrations, with this each implement is accurate and tuned to the weight of the implement and the load centre of mass distance as this differs between implements.

2018-11-14_15-27-17 2018-11-14_15-25-06

Weigh, add to a cumulative running total, and clear back to Zero. Simple.

LOADRITE also offer solutions for dynamic weighing with 2 and sometime 3 sensors on tractors and Telehandlers, print and data output solutions are available for more complex operations where accuracy and records are important. Call us to discuss your requirements.


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