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LOADRITE scales, invented in New Zealand, for New Zealand conditions and now sold as the #1 wheel loader and excavator scale worldwide. To achieve this status LOADRITE scales have endured and evolved over the last 39 years into today’s state of the art, accurate and reliable weighing solutions. With LOADRITE now part of TRIMBLE, deeper market segment based solutions will evolve creating better connections between your field based business and your office based management.

VALUE – this is cost over time, the price today along with servicing costs divided by the time the item will last.

When you chose a LOADRITE product you know that with 39 years industry backing that the product lasts the test of time, you have confidence that your scale will potentially last longer than the machine you are installing it onto, and in many case reinstalled onto several machines over the scales’ life. To back this all up LOADRITE offer a mighty 3 year warranty, that alone is the confidence LOADRITE have in their core product.

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LOADRITE have Certified Legal For Trade scales, invoice directly from your loader data, faster and easier than a weighbridge without the ticket office operator, solutions to grow your business with, LOADRITE are the preferred scale for all large national civil, roading and project companies such as Fulton Hogan, Downer, Fletchers, Higgins, HEB.  Choosing LOADRITE gives you confidence that your customers also use LOADRITE, your work and reporting will be accepted as LOADRITE is the industry standard solution.


FOCUS – LOADRITE NZ Limited specialise in payload management, we only do scales, LOADRITE scales. We are dedicated, focused and specialized in our area of machine based weighing systems. LOADRITE is not just another product in the company line up, we are LOADRITE and you will know and understand this throughout the long term relationship we build with all our customers.


SERVICE & SUPPORT – With a team of field service Technicians, a fleet of service vehicles, a fuel card and a few pies, we cover the country, every corner, every month. We operate a full time Operations Manager who manages all new installations and service work, you know when you call 0800493444 you will be answered, job logged and a service technician assigned. In many cases an over the phone adjustment can be made but knowing that we will get out to see you if needed is confidence you must have that we understand that your business relies on our product. Our field service team are distributed nationally, where our customers are so we are never too far away. With over 4,000 LOADRITE systems installed in New Zealand, you know we will have other scales in your area, thus service travel costs are always shared with other customers so everyone benefits.

We operate a safe and sustainable company, all field service technicians are licensed, certified and qualified to operate the equipment we work on, Health and Safety compliance is paramount. Our vehicles are safe, internal loads secured, GPS and Satellite traced due to the remote nature of our work, Lone Worker systems are with every field technician, they can activate personal monitored alarms from anywhere in NZ and know help will be on its way. This provided us and our customers confidence that the LOADRITE field team are never alone. Working at heights, hot work, JSA, confined and controlled spaces, we are trained and always operate in a safe and sustainable manner.

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Job management software GeoOp                  Monthly calibration levels                                Trimble success awards


KNOWLEDGE – we know you and your neighbours!

Understanding your business is critical to our product success, we know accuracy equals profit, understanding where we can help is learned over time. With so many quarry and aggregate customers we have had a lot of experience working with teams from the quarry face to the accounts team. We are heavily involved in training your team to get the most from the LOADRITE product, capturing the data from the loader to the invoice, training operators to ensure a thorough understanding of what the scale can and cannot do, knowing how to achieve the best accuracy with the fastest loadout, understanding that at month end all admin and accounts teams are focused on getting the invoices out.

With increased integration we provide service and support to the operators in the machines as well as those in the office at the receiving end of the load based data. Alongside the Operations management function in our Head Office is our financial whiz, with a background in data analysis and financial management you have the best person to support your accounts team with sales loadout data reporting, analysis and exporting ready for invoicing. We offer support through to total data capture and invoice ready reporting services, you may need very little or a lot, talk to us about how we can make this side of your business easier and faster.


FUN – To remain passionate through the long term we all need to have fun.

The LOADRITE NZ team like to feel part of your team, be it banter with the boys, the odd wise crack on the phone as well as all the normal internal office humour, we like to work hard and play hard, just like you.




For more information, on Loadrite legal for trade loader scales please call LOADRITE  on 0800493444