Hobbs & Banks Mayfield Transport new kit

Posted by Loadrite


South Canterbury company Hobb and Banks / Mayfield Transport received their new loader from Mike Tucker at Porters in Christchurch, a LOADRITE reinstall was requested as the existing Loadrite FORCE and Printer were only a few years old. A straight forward job which with a little prior planing can work very well and only requires the transporter to make one trip and loader is only down a few hours.

As always a big thank you to Peter Hobbs and the team and also the Porters boys.

Brand new Hyundai HL730-9 arriving on transporter, stunning Norwester day in Mayfield.

Hobbs 1

The hot swap, LOADRITE technician Jamie arrived early and removed the existing Loadrite weighing system so the transporter could arrive and do a quick swap over. Out with the old and in with the new

Hobbs 2

Jamie installing the Loadrite FORCE and Printer to the new loader

Hobbs 3

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